Admissions Go-live Training: Do vs. View

LionPATH release 1 go-live is almost upon us, and it’s time for you to learn what this new system means for your daily work. LionPATH is implementing a phased roll-out approach, meaning that go-lives will correspond with the life cycle of a student who is entering Penn State for the fall 2016 semester (or the undergraduates that will start in the summer 2016 semester).

Because of this phased roll-out, undergraduate and graduate admissions are the first modules to go-live. The reason for this is that students who want to enter Penn State in fall 2016 would be submitting their applications now. Subsequent modules will be released in phases following the student life cycle. Please visit our timeline to see when the various functionalities will be released.

When will I be trained on the admissions module?

Admissions training classes are scheduled across the Commonwealth to accommodate all of the admissions staff who will actually be doing work in the LionPATH system. Others in your unit may have access to see admissions information in LionPATH, but the initial wave of admissions training is specifically tailored to those who do the work with the admissions process in LionPATH (ex. making admission decisions, changing campuses, etc.), not those who view the admission screens, or those who perform admissions decisions or change admissions data in other systems (such as GRADS). Additional admissions “view” users will get access to LionPATH in a future release. The view-only staff can review the LionPATH Online Help Library to become familiar with the modules in the new system. Staff in other areas outside of admissions will be notified of training closer to when their module of LionPATH goes live. As other functionalities go-live, if there are changes and updates your staff will actually be making in LionPATH, you will be invited to those training classes.

If you’re using Talisma to interact at the undergraduate prospect stage and are logging interactions there, there is no need to open LionPATH yet. If you’re communicating with a student, you should go to Talisma first. We have created an interface that brings all the relevant data from the student system into Talisma on a daily basis; the most up-to-the-second information will always be in LionPATH. When it’s time for orientation and advising for the class entering fall 2016, then you will be trained.

If you’re using GRADS as a program staff or faculty in graduate admissions, you will continue to use GRADS. We have created an interface that brings all the relevant data from GRADS to LionPATH. Students, faculty and staff will use GRADS for their admissions processes until the student is matriculated.

You are certainly encouraged to go through the online basics course, and as more help topics are developed, they will be added to the online help library. I hope this quells any anxiety you and your staff might be feeling at the moment!