Advisory committee serves as connection between LionPATH and faculty

The Project LionPATH advisory committees were created by the LionPATH steering committee to serve as liaisons between the project team and the University’s various governing bodies and departments. There are 3 different LionPATH advisory committees: academic advising, student, and faculty. In this post, we’ll focus on the faculty advisory committee.

The faculty advisory committee represents the University Faculty Senate, Graduate Council, Administrative Council on Undergraduate Education (ACUE), and Administrative Council on Graduate Education (ACGE). Advisory committee members were chosen because of their association with these governing bodies, and their knowledge of Penn State policies and rules for students.

LionPATH steering committee member David Salvia, and David Babb, who represents Senate Council and the Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling and Student Aid (ARSSA), are the co-chairs of the committee. We asked Mr. Salvia his thoughts on Project LionPATH.

ISIS has served the University well for many decades, but is showing its age. LionPATH opens up new opportunities for serving the students better. Furthermore, because the student system is vital for conducting the business of the University, it is critical that we have a system that is reliable and robust.How do you see LionPATH becoming a positive change within the University?

How do you see LionPATH affecting your department specifically?

Perhaps the biggest change in my department will be the prerequisite checking. The manual prerequisite checking that we currently perform is very time-consuming and error-prone. Having an automatic prerequisite system will save many hours of work, and help ensure that students are registered for appropriate courses.

What are you most excited about regarding the project?

I am excited to see how students can interface with the student system using mobile devices. I think that students will embrace the new technology.

What were your thoughts on learning about the project?

I have served on the Project LionPATH steering committee since the early days of the project, so when I first learned about the project, there were very few details.  All that we knew was that “ISIS was going to have to be replaced soon.”  There was much uncertainty, as you could imagine. It has been fascinating seeing the project come together piece-by-piece over the past few years, and will be even more exciting once the new system rolls out.