LionPATH App: LionPATH App Reviews and How to Use It

lionpath appLionPATH App is an application that allows students of LionPATH PSU University to get important personal access very easily. With the LionPATH App, you can use your mobile device to view information about the class, grades, and finances at LionPATH PSU University. This App available for Android and iOS

The presence of LionPATH App is very important for students of LionPATH PSU University. This application makes it easier for students to manage all matters relating to their studies. So it can be said that LionPATH App is the only important and sophisticated applications that must be used by students of LionPATH PSU University. It is so amazing.

The LionPATH App is available in the public app store for Android. You can install this application and follow specific procedures to use this LionPATH App. Actually, how to use LionPATH App? To know the detail information about it, here we are sharing the details.

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LionPATH App Reviews

LionPATH App is the main and very important application. This application has various functions that you can use as a student of LionPATH PSU University. The functionality available in this app is to view the current and future schedule, to see the official ending values for all the requirements for which the value has been set.

In addition, you can create a schedule of what you should go through this application. You can also see various scholarships and faculty that you may be able to get. So, you need not be difficult and confused again to find out information about the scholarship.

Not only that, LionPATH App also still has other functions that greatly help your study at LionPATH PSU University. If you are a student of LionPATH PSU University, make sure that you already have this application on your smartphone.

How To Use LionPATH App

Actually, how to use this application is quite easy. For those of you who do not know how to use LionPATH App, pay attention to the explanation we provide this. The first thing you should do after downloading this App is you must login to LionPATH App using your ID Access and Password ID. After that, you will see a Menu page that contains a list of different functions.

What are the menus in the LionPATH App? To know the function of each menu, see the following reviews.

  1. Schedule

The function of the Schedule menu in LionPATH App is to display your class schedule. If you are enrolled in a class, your schedule will indicate that you have a schedule in that class. so, you will not be confused anymore in setting the schedule.

You can view your class schedule in three ways, as a list, on a calendar, or as a location on the map. First, as a list view. When viewing your schedule in the list view, you can choose to display the listed courses, the courses dropped during the drop period or regular add-ons, or the waiting list course.

The second, the calendar view changes based on the look of your phone. In portrait view, your class schedule is set by date. And the third, map view shows all the classes together at the map. Each location of your class will be represented by a pin. This will be very practical.

  1. Grades

The function of the Grades menu is to let you see the official end value in a class whose value has been set. In addition, you can also find your overall GPA per semester as well as the average of the GPA. In essence, this Grades Menu contains about the value you have earned during studying at LionPATH PSU University.

  1. Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder allows you to create a schedule that you will do based on various criteria. Once the schedule is created, you can match it to your previous schedule. The appearance of Schedule Builder menu in this App is very helpful for students to arrange the schedule.

  1. Cart

The Enrollment Cart function enables you to arrange classes that you will follow in a semester based on your own will. This is very important in this LionPATH App.

  1. Finances

The Finances menu in LionPATH App will help you to see a summary of your financial account. In this menu also contains financial information including account balance, next payment due, final payment received, and delayed financial assistance.

That is the detail information about LionPATH App and how to use it. Hopefully, it is useful for you.