LionPATH Apply for Graduation: LionPATH apply for Graduation Reviews

lionpath graduationFounded in 1855, Pennsylvania State University become one of the largest public university. The vision and mission of LionPATH are to fostering student success by helping students to achieve their academic goals and understanding what the students needs. LionPATH also has an office called LionPATH University Registrar that will assist information about official academic records from registration to graduation.

If you want to LionPATH apply for graduation, you must provide the requirements of University, college and major that were in the result at the time of your re-enrollment, admission, as the university a degree candidate.

The Process of LionPATH Apply for Graduation

To do the process of LionPATH apply for graduation, it is become the candidate responsibility to notify the University of their plan to graduate. After that, they will be able to activate their plan to graduate by making an information to activate the Academic calendar.

You can use My Academics page on the LionPATH Student Center website and click the link of LionPATH apply for graduation to set your plan to graduate. Then you should contact the Graduate Enrollment Services or college office to or activate your plan to graduate, all of the processes may have activation period.

Your name will not appear in the program If you sent the requirements of the plan to graduate after the information has been sent to the publisher. Your requirements are sent during the fifth week for the summer and ceremony and sent during the tenth week of the semester for spring and fall.

LionPATH Apply for Graduation

Before you apply for graduation make sure that your current programs are listed on the Application for Graduation page. You should have to be working on your current academic program, to be qualified to LionPATH apply for graduation. A non-degree or a pre-major program cannot apply for graduation.

You will apply for graduation in each major that you take separately, if you are currently an undergraduate student in concurrent majors. You may remove the concurrent major before applying to graduate if there are any requirements of one major and want to graduate only in one major.

Here how to LionPATH apply for graduation.

  1. You should open My Academic pages then click the link of Apply for Graduation.
  2. After you submit aLionPATH apply for graduation on the Application for Graduation page, you can click the link to the major or program do you choose.

If you are not currently qualified to LionPATH apply for graduation the link on the website may be not visible. For graduate and undergraduate students who believe that they able to graduate, they should contact the academic plan or academic college.

  1. Choose the Expected Graduation Term from the list then click the Continue button.

The list of Expected Graduation Term will be blank, If it is primary to the published graduation application start date or past the deadline. You can contact the academic plan and academic college if you are missed the time period to determine next steps.

  1. You can click the Submit Application. You can also use the buttons provided if you want to change the graduation term or the program.

You will receive a confirmation message that you have successfully registered for LionPATH apply for graduation.

Select Student Center to go back to Student Center Home from the drop-down menu that located at the top or bottom of the page and you can just click the Go icon.

There are also important to do to complete the requirements which are degree audit. If you want to run a degree audit you may check Academic Requirements in the website menu to set your intent graduate. If you want to transfer the credits, it takes the prior to the graduation. The credits of language proficiency test may be required the depending level of credits language test.

If you want to apply for graduation make sure your data is complete to satisfy the requirements that needed. You may also check the academic college and academic plan to help you out determine the next steps of LionPATH for apply graduation. You will receive the message once you get applied for graduation in the LionPATH website or LionPATH App, which available for Android and iOS