LionPATH Degree Audit: What is LionPATH Degree Audit and How Its Work

lionpath degree audit newA degree audit is an analysis that makes the students and their adviser free to give a score or assess the student’s academic progress. It also unfulfilled the baccalaureate, associate degree or minor requirements. An audit is a precious tool for academic planning and course selection, it will appropriate with the courses that the student has taken it. Even with the requirements of their degree program and also next anticipated program.

This LionPATH degree audit is an academic advising document that leads student’s degree requirements among their academic transcript. So, the goal of the LionPATH degree audit is to deliver and the information to give a help in academic planning. Then it also for better appropriate course scheduling. Also LionPATH has provide LionPATH app available for Android and iOS to support this process.

Actually, what is LionPATH degree audit? And how its work? To know the information about it, here we are sharing the details.

LionPATH Degree Audit

The degree audit is available to all students with a bachelor’s degree and can access LionPATH or request an audit on a standard basis from their departmental office for campus registrars.

Then, students who have more than one major or with minors will have one audit that produces with each program. So, the students will think about changing their major or adding a minor can request “what if” LionPATH degree audit. This audit will also help in determining how courses that they have already completed. They would apply to the new major or minor, and also what courses they would need to complete is included.

If the students feel that their LionPATH degree audit is not greatly analyzing their program requirements, so they should contact their department office or the other place in University like advising center.

In LionPATH students of undergraduate and also academic advisers can see the audits in the adviser’s student center under academic by choosing the suitable option, either Academic Requirements or What If Report:

  1. Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements in the accessing an audit are available for all the major and minor, which is the students currently enrolled. The instructions and the example are also available in LionPATH help.

  1. What if reports

The what if reports are available to give a help for students to evaluate the requirements of the major and minor that they are choosing. The intended major and minor that they requested is useful for students who would like to know what courses are included in various of majors and minors. It also will determine how the courses that they have completed satisfy this requirement.

So, the what if reports for LionPATH degree audit is helpful for students who are exploring majors or minors. Then, for those who choose a concurrent major, the instructions and also the example are included in LionPATH help.

How LionPATH Degree Audit Work

Here we will explain how LionPATH degree audit work actually. LionPATH degree audit has many benefits and can be used by students, faculty, and staff to monitor and evaluate how students progress to get their degree. Academic Requirements and How-to Reports If both display the Academic Advice Report, better known as the degree audit.

In fact, there are many ways to navigate to a more specific area in LionPATH. One way how LionPATH degree audit work is to use the hamburger menu, page tab, and quick links. For the purposes of this document, navigation will be explained using the hamburger menu. For information about navigating the LionPATH user interface, see the Getting Started tutorial with LionPATH.

In many cases, once the requirements are met, the area of ​​demand to be audited will collapse. If the requirements have not been met, then the section will be expanded. LionPATH degree audit work with the buttons at the top of the Title Audit will allow you to expand or collapse all sections, as well as print Degree Audit as a document in pdf format. Additionally, if you want to change the audit by extending or collapsing sections, you can return the audit to its original view.

The degree audit is divided into sections. This is very important to note. The title is displayed at the top of each section. Some parts are broken down into sub-sections. The light gray background identifies the sub-sections.

LionPATH degree audit work with the green triangle allows you to collapse or expand an item to see the requirements for that category or sub-category. Required requirements will be collapsed by default when the Title Audit is executed, but you can expand any item by clicking the green triangle.