LionPATH Faculty: LionPATH Faculty List and Reviews

lionpath facultyLionPATH PSU University was founded in 1855. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,United States. LionPATH PSU University in one of the Best Colleges. Based on THE 2013,
LionPATH PSU University is ranked 16th in the world and ranked 12th in the United States. This University has adequate facilities for its students. Such as libraries, Fisher Fine Arts Library, and also Archeology and Anthropology Museum. LionPATH PSU. University has committed to excellence in scholarships.

LionPATH University provides many scholarships at all levels, include undergraduate and graduate. This University very proud to be a place where students and lecturers can learn and pursue by pursuing infinite knowledge. And also the place where theory and practice become one and produce a better science. It is very amazing.

As the flagship public University, LionPATH PSU University divided into several faculties. To
know the complete information about LionPATH Faculty list and reviews, here we are sharing
the details.

LionPATH Faculty List

In LionPATH PSU University, there are several faculties and its majors. Such as:

1. Arts Faculty

Arts faculty is one of LionPATH faculty list. Arts faculty is a faculty specializing in a teaching
classified as art for academic purposes. In general, these art faculties include creative arts,
writing, philosophy, and the humanities.

Usually, Arts faculty takes about six years for a Master of Arts degree. The course of study
taught by Arts faculty includes arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music, grammar, logic, and
rhetoric. The course of study in Arts faculty also divided into Trivium that consists of grammar,
rhetoric, dialectic. And also Quadrivium that consists of arithmetic, music, geometry, and

The three subjects in the Trivium are the most important subjects. Besides that lesson, in the
Arts faculty also learned about the philosophy of Aristotle, such as physics, metaphysics, and
moral philosophy.

2. Business Faculty

The Business faculty is the second faculty in LionPATH faculty list. In the most universities, the
Business faculty is one of the most popular faculties around the world, both at the
undergraduate and also graduate levels. The bachelor of business varies widely, ranging from
extensive and comprehensive courses to highly specialized fields. The business faculty learns
everything about accounting, finance, business administration, economics, marketing, and
management. Each of these majors has further opportunities for specialization majors.
At the postgraduate level, the business faculty is aimed at those who have gained significant
professional experience in business and management roles. The Business faculty remains a
very popular and promising choice of career advancement. However, many other master’s
degrees in business and management are also increasingly popular, which usually require
professional experience as well as the opportunity to gain more specialized qualifications.

3. Health Professions Faculty

The third LionPATH faculty list is Health Professions faculty. Health Professions faculty is the
faculty that studies about human health through the application of medical principles and
procedures. In addition, the faculty also studies, diagnoses, treats and prevents human
diseases, injuries and other physical and mental disorders according to the needs of a person to
be served.

Health Professions faculty implements prevention and curative measures and in the real world
will improve the health outcomes of the population. In this faculty, there are also many kind of
researches to improve or develop operational concepts, theories, and methods to advance
evidence-based health care.

4. Humanities Faculty

Humanities faculty learns about the traditions and extensive experience in various disciplines.
Such as language, arts, the humanities, and social sciences.

5. Protective Services Faculty

Protective Services faculty will produce qualified and trained individuals for state, national and
international public criminal justice institutions. This faculty is an intelligent career and assists
the field in providing qualified employees by ensuring the performance of its graduates.

6. Science, Technology, and Math Faculty

Science, Technology, and Math faculty are one of the famous faculty in LionPATH faculty list.
This faculty is more than a school subject, or counting numbers, or understand the technological
world, or the periodic table, or wave properties. The faculty is a worldwide approach to
understanding and exploring the world, and then have the capacity to change the world.

7. Trades and Personal Services Faculty

The last faculty in LionPATH faculty list is Trades and Personal Services faculty. This faculty is
designed to find beginner-level basic skills to work in specific trades. This faculty also prepares
students to be trained to enter the internship program.

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