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LionPATH is an information system for students who have the function to receive financial help, register in the class, pay your bills, and many other functions. When the first time you access LionPATH, you will be given an agreement to do business electronically. This Agreement will be required every year. Certainly in modern times as it is today, it is very important and very profitable.

You must know that in LionPATH there is LionPATH Student Center. LionPATH Student Center can give the students easy access to the information that you will use on a regular basis. The information to be received is grouped into easily accessible sections using links and drop-down lists. So, LionPATH Student Center will make easier for students access to the information that they need. Also you can find all facility with LionPATH mobile App.

How about LionPATH Student Center Facility? To know more the detail information about LionPATH Student Center Facility, here we are sharing the details.

LionPATH Student Center Facility


The Academics section contains information that related to registration and scheduling that is very important to you. After you enroll in the classroom, your class schedule will be displayed in this Academic section. So, you will be more helpful with LionPATH Student Center Facility.

You do not have to worry about being oblivious to an important schedule, just by visiting this LionPATH Student Center, you will remember it again in great detail. It is very amazing student center that I’ve ever met.


Finances section also includes one of the important facilities that available in LionPATH Student Center. This finances section contains information related to your account balance and financial assistance. It also includes the ability to see, accept, and refuse financial aid. You will be more helpful with the finances section as LionPATH Student Center facility.

So, if there is anything related to finance, such as scholarships. There will be detailed information about it in this finances section. This will make it easier for the students to find out information related to the scholarship. Because, usually many students are not aware and do not want to find out information about scholarships, which they might get.

Personal Information

Personal Information section contains detailed information about your name, email, phone and full address. In addition, your emergency contact information is available and can be updated using this section of personal information.

This facility is the most important in LionPATH Student Center faculty because it contains any personal information that you have. So you have to keep this personal information out of the way to many people who might be harming you.

Communication Center

The Communication Center box contains communication between students from different sections. If you want to display the Communication Center box, you can do so by clicking the Go to Communication Center link at the bottom. After that, a referral will appear for more information.


The Holds box contains a list of financial, academic, and others. This information has been placed on your records to limit the services that you use. If you want to display a hold on the screen, you can do so by click on the details link in the bottom at the right corner.

The suspension details in the LionPATH Student Center facility contain information about the term and the start or end date of the suspension. If you need additional information about the hold, you can click the Hold Item button. This button will give you the contact information that matches what you want.

To Do List

To Do List Box in LionPATH Student Center facility contains everything that you need to complete. Make sure to check this box often, because it may affect your work.


The Milestones Box in LionPATH Student Center facility used to indicate a non-course requirement. For example like certification.

Enrollment Dates

The important box in LionPATH Student Center facility is Enrollment Dates box. The Enrollment Dates box contains information about the first day you can enroll in the class for the upcoming semester. You should always up to date information about this.


The Advisors box will give you information additional information that you need. It is so important for you.