Meet LionPATH Team Member, Zella Ondrey

Zella Ondrey comes to Project LionPATH from Penn State Hazleton, where she’s the assistant registrar. Her experience with a commonwealth campus makes her an important asset to the team.

What is your role within the project?

I’m a business analyst on the LionPATH Records, Enrollment, and Advising team. The goal of our team is to ensure the new student information system accommodates best business practices currently in place, but also takes into account ways we can systematically improve the services we provide to University constituents (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.). I’m specifically assigned to LionPATH as a campus registrar representative; my challenge is to ensure campus registrar practices and policies are considered when alterations and improvements are discussed in regard to the new system. I’m not the “decision-making person” regarding campus registrar policies and practices, but I’m trying to ensure they have a voice at the table during decision-making processes.

How do you see LionPATH affecting your department?

The Registrar’s Office works hand-in-hand with the Bursar, Advising, Financial Aid, and Admissions offices. Helping a single student can often involve phone calls and emails to each individual department, because our administrative systems don’t always “talk” to each other. The new system will not only allow us to process registrar functions in a more timely and efficient manner, but will also enable us to better meet the needs of our “customers” through more accessible and user-friendly information. Being able to keep our “customers” happy makes me very, very happy!

What were your thoughts on learning about the project?

I’ve heard rumors about the replacement of ISIS for as long as I’ve worked at Penn State. The scope of the task is daunting, and knowing we’re finally ready to move forward is mind-blowing. The opportunity to help develop and implement a new system is beyond my wildest dream. It’s a fascinating experience to work with so many knowledgeable people, discuss what they know and what they do, and use that information to help envision and create a system that supports and improves the already phenomenal work done by Penn State on a daily basis. I think everyone who’s a member of the LionPATH team recognizes the level of responsibility we’ve been given to get this task done, and get it done right. We all feel that there are a lot of eyes on us, and we are ready to do whatever is necessary for the success of the project.

Zella’s excitement about the project is a common theme throughout all the teams as they dive into IDPs. The next few months will consist of analyzing the University’s practices and shaping the new system to fit its needs. This enthusiasm will propel the team forward and help them create a system that will be successful for years to come