Summer Admission Overview

It has been mentioned that Project LionPATH is following the “student life cycle,” and that our go-lives will follow this path. What does this mean, and how does this affect the summer 2016 semester?

When you think of the student life cycle, it first begins with an application and follows the application process through an offer of admission. Students then receive financial aid, pay their acceptance fees/deposits, and schedule their classes.

Because we are following this “life cycle,” this means that the admissions module in LionPATH will be the first launch. This “go-live” is scheduled for August 2015 for students applying for fall 2016.

However, since undergraduate students entering in the fall have the option of starting in the summer, this makes the admissions process of switching from ISIS to LionPATH a little tricky.

The LionPATH admissions team had to decide how to process both summer and fall 2016 applications at the same time, while understanding that the financial aid and bursar functions would only be set up in LionPATH to handle admits for fall 2016 and beyond.

LionPATH admission team decision

In order to best resolve this issue, the team decided that Penn State would keep the current admissions application and continue to use MyPennState—a site where prospective students can apply for admission, check the status of their application, and accept their offer of admission. In addition, it was decided that Talisma would continue as the prospecting and communications tool. They then determined that Penn State will use LionPATH for handling missing information, processing and evaluating applications, and reaching admission decisions, and only use ISIS functionality to handle the acceptance fees/deposits. Because of this need to simultaneously use both systems, ISIS and LionPATH need to be kept in sync.

Prospective students won’t see any difference in the system; they will log into MyPennState, and see the same kind of content applicants currently do. They will still be able to accept their offer of admission, and pay their fees the way applicants do right now. Once the student financials module goes live, ISIS payment processing functionality will be replaced by a payment gateway that is integrated into LionPATH.

Summarizing the process

  1. Applications for summer and fall 2016 will be loaded into both LionPATH and ISIS.
  2. All processing will happen in LionPATH: missing information, evaluation, and decisions. MyPennState will retrieve and display information from LionPATH.
  3. Offers of admission will start on October 1, 2015 and continue daily, as usual, but in LionPATH.
  4. Some data elements will be synced between LionPATH and ISIS.
  5. Students will accept/decline their offers by clicking the links in MyPennState, and payments will be processed as they are now–using ISIS–and will be moved from OFFER to PDACC (paid accept) in ISIS.
  6. The PDACC status will also be updated in LionPATH.
  7. Students entering summer 2016 will schedule their courses and pay summer tuition using ISIS; all fall 2016 scheduling and payment will be handled in LionPATH.

Training on this process will be provided, so the admissions staff across the University will be comfortable taking care of applicants and answering questions.