What is the LionPATH Steering Committee?

The steering committee is a component of Project LionPATH’s governance. It provides oversight and guidance for the project management team, and serves as a first point-of-escalation for project issues and decisions. The steering committee reports to the executive committee, and consists of leaders from 17 different areas of Penn State–including Undergraduate Education, The Graduate School, Penn State campuses, colleges, professional schools, and faculty.
Like all other committees involved with the project, the steering committee is dedicated to supporting the project’s schedule and budget; therefore, all decisions are made in a timely and effective manner. The committee provides guidance for policy issues that arise from the project, and assists with communication to the Penn State community.

Dr. Robert Pangborn—vice president and dean for Undergraduate Education and former provost—is the committee’s executive liaison to the academic units of the University, including college deans and commonwealth campus chancellors. He also serves as a connection between the steering committee and the LionPATH executive committee. His role is to facilitate discussions and decisions that need high-level executive involvement and guidance–especially when academic policies, business processes, and related issues are concerned.

Project LionPATH: How do you see LionPATH becoming a positive change within the University?

Robert Kubat: Moving to a new student information system will provide the University the opportunity to review its current processes and procedures, and to make changes that will enable users to be more efficient and provide improved services.

PLP: How do you see LionPATH affecting your department specifically?

Kubat: It will provide the Registrar’s office with current technology that will provide the ability to review our functions, and determine how to improve our services and operations.

PLP: What were your thoughts on learning about the project?

Kubat: I had the opportunity to be a part of a successful student system implementation at another Big 10 and Association of American Universities institution, and I’m very excited for the enhancements the new system will provide to the Office of the University Registrar and the University.